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Branding: Know, Like, Trust

Updated: Feb 1

One of the proven key laws of the business world is that people do business with those whom they know, like, and trust. This blog article shares 30 ideas for these factors. I find that the principle can apply to many other worlds than the business one.


In my experience as a performing artist, a presence and sharing work in the digital world has been one of the most important things for being known. Not through a PR agent or materials by other media, but directly me talking about my work and sharing my music. Although I obviously exist physically and make music in my living room, someone can’t search and find my music online, I don’t exist in their world, especially at this time of COVID-19. Luckily we can easily and creatively transform ourselves through communicating digitally through social media, YouTube, podcasts, newsletters, blogs, websites, interviews, webinars, e-books, videos, etc.


How can one make someone to like him? It is out of my control. However, I find that the more people can relate to and understand my core mission as a musician, more they like my work. The option to be my true self as authentic and natural as possible with the world has always been open, sharing my struggles, triumphs, laughs, passion, and fun. All I can do is be myself.


Trust is a tricky thing. It is also out of our control. We can’t make someone trust us. However, this one also has a key - showing up. Consistently. Sharing work in consistent intervals that you decide on, and doing it for a long period of time. In my experience people seem to trust my work because I consistently show up in their worlds, sharing my mission and producing high quality content, be it an album, a concert, or something online. I have to be the strictest judge of the quality of my work for the world. I always pay attention to details and do my absolute best at a given moment. Over time I have built a voice of authority not from my degrees in music or reviews by the media, but simply from consistently showing up, communicating, and sharing what I do professionally.

Do you relate to this ‘Know-Like-Trust’ principle in your field?


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