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Homework for Life

Updated: Feb 1

I recently read a book called Storyworthy and there’s a daily reflection exercise called Homework for Life which the author recommends. You can also watch the author, Matthew Dicks, talking about this concept on TedTalk.

What is it?

The author suggests that we should spend a few minutes each day thinking “What’s the most storyworthy thing that happened today?”. Then we should make a spreadsheet of each of our storyworthy moments. Over time we will have a bank of stories that we can develop and share. One of his samples of Homework for Life was

11/10/19 A man gets in the line for Southwest airlines, has moments with me, now my best friend, now trying to skip line, now a jerk, but still my only friend

5/3/19 Walked Kaleigh. 2:00 a.m. Underwear. Birds. Rain.


I was very intrigued by the concept as the author advocates that this way of logging our storyworthy moments of life has a strong long-term effect on our ability to remember those moments, capturing them on a deeper level in our hearts, and also making a time to slow down. That allows us to remember snippets of our lives that would otherwise pass us by.

Join me

I will embark on this journey of logging my Homework for Life this week and hopefully continue for at least a year, if not for life. I will certainly report on my progress after a while and on the insights that I gain from it. If you like to join me, please make a spreadsheet with the question “what’s the most storyworthy thing that happened today?” and start logging this week! I would love to hear your perspective!


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