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Talking with my future self

Updated: Feb 1

Every time before I give a concert, I think about the concert as myself from the future. It always helps me to focus on an essence of why I play a piano, reminding me of a joy, not being caught up with details that may not matter at all in a big picture. Apparently this way of thinking is called a psychological distancing which has proved that it makes one happy and enjoy the current event more.


Basically try to think about any event as your future self think about the event. Just like I am about to go through a concert, before I start that, I think about “how would future Jeeyoon think about this concert?” By thinking an exciting or positive or meaningful aspect of the event beforehand, it end up framing how it actually goes. So I thought to apply that way of thinking to the rest of the 2020.

Jeeyoon in 2030 talks…

“2020 was interesting. Lots of unexpected changes took place that year. My big solo concert in Carnegie Hall was postponed to March 2021 from that year, so as other concerts scheduled in that year. This idle status of performances was not for nothing though. I worked harder during that period on my own, having a refreshed appreciation of live performances. I learned how to be resilient to change, how to stay connected with people virtually, how to appreciate a value of slowing down, how to livestream at home and get better with all geeky tech stuffs, how to teach virtually effectively, and how to stay motivated without any external deadline. I enjoyed having an extra time to write a book, tackle a new project, and connecting more virtually. What a great year that packed in many valuable life lessons! It was a memorable and meaningful year. I came out of that year stronger and wiser.”

How about YOU?

What does your future self talks about now or any event coming up? Please hit <Reply> and share it with me!

I hope that this little exercise will help you to view an event from a different perspective. Stay healthy!

💕 Have a great week!


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