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Order 시음 /si-úm/ contemporary package! This new creation for an alternative of a traditional CD format. You will get 11 different postcards, 11 poems and a download card of the album, 시음 /si-úm/. 


A note from Jeeyoon Kim


About two years ago, at the beginning of the pandemic, I had this idea of combining my next album with poetry. To me, music is poetic and poetry is like music. I wanted to create a musical experience where we can settle into a transcendental place. A place where we can free our souls and immerse ourselves into a beautiful experience of art. 


What you have in your hands is also my vision realized from this one question:


“How do we create a musical interactive experience that is beyond the form of CDs?”


Following are the three elements in this package: 1. My album which you can download directly with a QR code. 2. B&W photography postcards which match with each track of the album and 3. Poems that are paired with each musical piece. 


My wish is that when you listen to my album with the elements of poetry and black and white photography, that you would think of someone for that very specific piece of music. Perhaps this would inspire you to write a note to that person and mail a postcard to them. 


I dreamed that the beautiful circle I started would be completed on your end, and maybe that it would never end - someone in the world would always be writing a note to someone, sharing the art of music, photography, and poetry. 


As always, it is my pleasure to take you on a musical journey and to share my passion with you. 


Warm regards,



Album 시음/si-úm/- Postcards (11 each), Poem (11 each), and Download Card

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