"A force of nature who lives for that special connection with a live audience" 
— Gordon Brown, Classical Radio XLNC-FM



Award-winning classical pianist Jeeyoon Kim has delighted audiences across the U.S. and around the world with her sparkling combination of sensitive artistry, broad emotional range, impeccable technique, and uniquely engaging and innovative concert experiences. 


From the start of her career, beginning with her celebrated 2016 debut album, 10 More Minutes, Jeeyoon has thrilled classical music fans with her artful performances and connected with attendees who are decidedly younger than average by engaging in a conversation with her audience from onstage. Her second album and concert project, Over. Above. Beyond., further stretched the mold for classical piano performances by collaborating with New York-based artist Moonsub Shin to deliver a multi-media experience that was also captured in an award-winning music video. Kim’s next project, 시음 /si-úm/, has started during her 2020 residency in the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity for their Concert in the 21st Century program, and it incorporates poetry and spoken word performances. Her dedication to pushing the boundaries of traditional classical music to connect with new audiences has inspired a dedicated and passionate fan base that defies conventional wisdom.


Jeeyoon began studying the piano when she was just four years old, and her love of music and the piano propelled her through her undergraduate studies in piano performance in her native Korea. After moving to the U.S., she graduated with distinction with a Master’s Degree and a Doctorate Degree in Piano Performance with a full scholarship from Indiana University’s renowned Jacob School of Music. 


In pursuit of an even deeper understanding of music and refining her ability to share it with others, she earned another Master's Degree in music education, Piano Pedagogy, with a full scholarship from Butler University, where she also simultaneously served as a faculty member. A testament to Jeeyoon’s abilities as an educator: she was recognized with the 'Top Music Teacher Award' from Steinway and Sons for 3 years in a row from 2016 to 2018.


Today, between performances at venues like Carnegie Hall, the Chamber Music Society in San Francisco, and the Stradivari Society in Chicago, Jeeyoon remains focused on finding new ways to connect with audiences and bring a fresh perspective to the magic of classical piano music. Her fast-growing podcast, Journey through Classical Piano, is dedicated to helping people of all musical tastes and backgrounds discover the beauty of classical music. It delivers 15-minute episodes that feature concert-like musical experiences and in-depth exploration of classical compositions, hosted by Jeeyoon.


Jeeyoon also continues to use her pedigree as an educator with a community residency. In her role as an active visiting artist, she connects with students in a classroom teaching “how to listen to and appreciate classical music,” motivating and inspiring the new generation of audiences. She has led numerous master classes and workshops nationally for music organizations and conferences such as MTNA (Music Teachers' National Association) and MTAC (Music Teachers' Association of California). In March 2022, she will be featured as a session speaker at the MTNA national conference in Minneapolis, speaking on the topic: “Pie in the Sky: Untold Recipes for a Successful Life in Music”


Jeeyoon is an art activist, author, educator, podcaster, and award-winning performer who strives to connect with new audiences and help them discover the magic of classical music. This year, she just published her first book, Whenever You’re Ready, from Greenleaf Book Publishing and currently working on translating the book in Korean to be published in South Korea this summer. Her next album, 시음 /si-úm/, that blends classical piano with poetry and black and white film photography will be released this April from Namus Classics. She is currently located in San Diego, where she maintains a lifestyle of daily walking and surfing with her private studio, Dr. Kim Piano Academy.


Praise and awards:


  • “One of the next great stars of the music world.” —Manistee News

  • “Exquisite, absolutely phenomenal! She is a perfect window for music to speak for itself. That is a rare gift to the world...” —Susan Kitterman, former Artistic Director from New World Youth Symphony

  • "I urge you to make Jeeyoon Kim’s acquaintance. She is very much her own artist, and possesses that most important quality, the ability to make you want to listen to her.” -Dave Saemann, Fanfare magazine 

  • "Beautiful control of the instrument, superior technique, and all of that emotion shows up in her sound as well as watching her. I am awed by her talent. It would be criminal for the world not to hear Jeeyoon perform..." —Gary Walter, Jazz Pianist 

  • “She brings not only a wealth of talent but also a fresh and wonderful way of presenting classical music to her audiences. She creates a conversation and connection between performer and audience. One feels as though they have been invited into her home.” —Matthew Thomas, Executive Director of the Shoreline Music Society in Michigan

  • The music video for Over. Above. Beyond. won the “Best Music Video” Platinum Award from the Independent Short Awards in Los Angeles, and was an Official Selection at the Red Wood Film Festival, the Rome Independent Prisma Award, the Cine Fern Film Festival, and others. 

  • Double Gold Medal winner for Emerging Artist and Instrumentalist at Global Music Awards in 2018

  • Winner of the Beverly Hills National Competition of 2018


A final word from Jeeyoon:


 “As a pianist, one of my most rewarding moments is when I feel that I am deeply connected with listeners in the very moment of sharing music. My mission as a pianist is to create a bridge between audiences and me as a performer, so they get to have a chance to discover the magic of music. I have always hoped that at some point, my music would be delivered to someone’s heart. I can’t think of better way of spending my life.”





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