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Door-knockers' mentality

Updated: Feb 1

I’ve came across this analogy in a podcast and a recent video by Ali Abdaal and thought it was interesting to ponder. It says there are two kinds of a mentality, one is window-openers and the other is door-knockers. Window-openers look through the window and see the other side, then open and get it. They could see the result first beforehand, and that is why they open the window.

While it seems to be a safe choice, I find that in life so many things are unpredictable and uncertain. We can never predict our future nor the potential of our one action.


Door-knockers knock on doors without seeing what is behind it and explore possibilities by opening up doors without knowing the outcome. For me, often the best opportunity or the most valuable learning has been hidden behind doors. When I started my podcast, Journey Through Classical Piano, a fellow musician asked me, “What is the point? What is that gonna lead?”

I see a point of the comment. Certainly, these little attempts that I do as a pianist such as a podcast, YouTube videos, a live-streaming or even this newsletter that you are reading may not lead anything guaranteed or short-term results. However, I believe that everything I do in my mission of making a classical music more approachable to you adds up to be a certain positive outcome in my life (hopefully to you too), teaching me something valuable, or simply having another meaningful tool to connect with you.

How about you?

Are you a door-knockers or a window-opener? Do you only do a certain action based on a notion of guaranteed success? Or do you make an action with a door-knocker mentality? I am sure more you open doors, more you learn, and increase a chance of a positive outcome in your life.

I hope you try to explore unknown possibilities hidden in you more boldly even if we can’t see what is the other side of the door.

💕 Have a great week!


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