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I experimented with Kindle. (surprisedly) I love it.

Updated: Feb 1

My inner conflict between real books and Kindle is not anything new. I was always curious about Kindle, but, you know, what can beat that feeling of papers, that cozy, Romantic and fuzzy feeling of holding a book? Then recently, a close friend of mine, Gary, told me that he is getting a kindle. I asked, “Really? Why?” Then he answered with the 3 very succinct pointers of his why within 1 minute. (He is a lawyer, btw)

I don’t know why, (Gary, you are good) I was convinced this time for the first time. So I gave in and decided to try at least once as an experiment, giving this unknown device a fair chance to introduce itself to me directly.


Okay. I don’t think it will completely replace real books ever for me, but I am surprised. Very surprised about how much I enjoyed the experience. I thought I share some of my experience with Kindle here. Who knows, maybe I can even convince you to give a fair chance to Kindle one day.

1. It is Light

In fact, lighter than the most books. Less tiring on my wrists. (You know, I am fairly conscious about the hands usages)

2. Easy to Get a Book

I am a multiple book reader. For me, there are different kinds of books for different mood for a day or a location. Kindle meant I can have one that has all of those. (Easy to travel, though I did not experiment this yet with COVID19) Plus, if I am curious about a new book from a new blog article or podcast, I can simply search at Kindle directly and get its sample book in a second, scrolling down its table of contents and read its first chapter without even buying it. No need to go to bookstore, Amazon, or a library. Convenient and efficient.

3. Big Font

I may be getting old. (Ahhh) I more and more appreciate bigger fonts. (Ahhh) I like to be able to adjust the font so much! It actually feels easier to read as if it feels like a children’s book. A little trick to a mind! 😉

4. Highlight

If you can remember only one from what I listed, may this be it. Now I am an avid highlighter in Kindle. I always read books dirty, meaning folding corners for reading later and making notes directly on a page etc, but with Kindle, you can go to the next step with it. You can sign up to an app like Readwise that sends you a daily email with 5 of your Kindle highlights. Whalaa! (this information was from Ali Abdaal and the book, Make it Stick ) Benefits? Those information you want to remember will be always fresh in your mind.

5. Goodreads

Once you connect your kindle with Goodreads, now it just magically know your taste of books and start to recommend you books based on your history. This is also a place to be connected with a community of readers and authors. Pretty cool.

6. Minimalistic

I like the fact that I don’t have to pile all books after I read them, and have an option of getting a paper book only after I read it with Kindle or only when in need for a hard copy. I have been always torn with a minimalism mindset with books. (fairly easy to apply this with other things, but not with books.) I think Marie Kundowould be happy to know that I can finally let go of some books that I don’t read or don’t need anymore.

How about YOU?

Are you a Kindle user or now half-way convinced at this point or not even close? (I tried.) Let me know what is your thoughts and experiences of Kindle by hitting <reply> button.

I hope that this newsletter was helpful to read or at least fun to get a glimpse of my notion about Kindle!

💕 Have a great week!


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