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Get the autographed copy of the book, Whenever You're Ready! 


Jeeyoon Kim is a professional concert pianist who has performed in venues like Carnegie Hall, the Chamber Music Society in San Francisco, and the Stradivari Society in Chicago. As an accomplished performing artist and award-winning music educator, she credits her success to key disciplines, practices, and mindsets that she lives out every day. In Whenever You’re Ready, she gives readers a personal glimpse into her life, shares wisdom and insights she’s gained from her experiences, and shows people how to achieve their own personal and professional success.

Structured like one of the concerts she performs, this self-help book starts with a prelude and contains five movements, each focused on a different theme, such as forming habits and boosting creativity. Each movement is followed by a quick intermission that takes readers through a mini master class to help them gain an appreciation of classical music.

Before every performance, Jeeyoon prepares herself mentally, emotionally, and physically in the green room. She knows she’ll soon step onto the stage, where people have come to see what she has to offer the world. In the final moment when she’s backstage and about to meet her audience, she notes that someone, with their hand on the stage door, always waits for her cue. “Whenever you’re ready . . .” they tell her. She nods, they open the door, and it’s time for her to perform.

This book is about helping readers prepare themselves mentally, emotionally, and physically for their own performances. Whether they are hoping to land a job, practicing for a speech, training for a marathon, or trying to accomplish a goal, Jeeyoon’s book will offer them advice, encouragement, and practical exercises they can use to help them perform at their best and achieve their dreams. With warmth, honesty, and compassion, Jeeyoon speaks to readers who are in their own green rooms and invites them to live the life they hope for. 

Whenever You're Ready (Autographed copy)

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